3 Days Itinerary Capri – Positano – Sorrento

The perfect 360 experience is a Boat Tour on the Amalfi Coast

3 ways to… fall in love! Enjoy the magic atmosphere of a 3 days itinerary Capri - Positano - Sorrento for a once in a lifetime experience! As the saying goes: “Come in Italy and you will never want to leave!”.

Let's start from the beginning. It is of common knowledge that the Amalfi Coast is recognizable and even criticized for its streets which are now too busy to travel without getting stuck between cars, scooters and bicycles. This is why nowadays our concern is to help you getting back the freedom of being able to experience at the best your journey.

The perfect 360 experience is a Boat Tour on the Amalfi Coast

For those who want to have a 360 degree experience, the best advice that I wish to know sooner, although particular in its simplicity, is a boat tour on the Amalfi Coast, or an even better option, add to it an overnight stay on board, for a full immersion in the heart of the Amalfi coast and the Sorrento Peninsula.

It will be hard to forget the feelings of sleeping in the middle of the sea.


La Bellavita Charter owns one of the best way to fully live at the best such experience. A unique fleet, helpful to enjoy these famous coasts, which contributed to creating fishing villages, that still exist today, with characteristic churches, houses built on the rocks and streets that are so narrow, to say the least, but full of this panorama that fascinates anyone who comes to visit them.

The gem of the fleet, Lady Rose, a Magnum of 52 feet, is the perfect boat to sightsee the coast. Coming on board means you will have the opportunity to choose your destinations, the place you want to visit, the restaurants where you want to eat, all of your choice, guided by an expert skipper who will be able to help you during the whole cruise. Avoiding the queues, the crowd and enjoying the soft breeze, more than pleasant on hot summer days.


Dinner is on the table!

Another valuable option might include the most romantic experience you will ever have, dinner on board. It will make you hope that the evening will never end. It is the best choice to spend day and night with your sweet half or with your family, trust me you will gain a lot of points with it.

3 days to explore, 3 gems to visit, 3 foods to taste

Usually the itineraries that try to help you during your visit of the Amalfi Coast are always confused. That is why this little guide helps, especially with La Bellavita Charter that comes to our rescue, offering the best tours on Luxury Boats or traditional Gozzo Boats to visit the most iconic villages of the Amalfi Coast.

As every itinerary, also this one is going to be equipped with those little secrets, hidden in every suggestion we give you along this section, from which you can achieve that type of inner peace that allows you to understand the true essence of the Amalfi coast.


Positano: the vertical city.

A paradise called Positano it's the ideal place for a dream vacation among beautiful beaches, picturesque houses and charming boats on the Amalfi Coast.


Positano, known as the vertical city, with its small houses that form a pyramid, set on the rock overlooking the sea, which enhance the evocative landscape, is now the distinctive feature of the city if not also of the Amalfi coast.


If you like a good hike, you can start the day with the Path of the Gods, a 3 hours walk (each way if you decide to go back hiking) that connects Agerola to Nocelle (Positano), and has the best views of the Coast. The name, with which this naturalistic route is called, derives from historical facts and legends according to which the Greek divinities passed through here to save Ulysses from the sirens who were on the island of Li Galli, island located in front of Positano, in fact it is visible on days of clear sky. After such an outing, relax by the beach to try to get a some tan.

Of course lunch at La Buca di Bacco is a must, where you are going to taste the most delicious food of your life, and your taste buds will have an incredible explosion of authentic flavors. Have then a walk to visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta and admire the 10th century architecture.


There are a few spots from where you will have the best view you have ever seen:

  • Franco’s bar for drinks, perfect to try the classic Italian aperitif.
  • Le Sirenuse, a 5 stars hotel with a wide drink selection, from where you can take photos that will look like a postcard given the sweeping view.                                                        

After the aperitif, take every chance to eat Da Vincenzo, at Palazzo Murat or at La Sponda (Sirenuse’s restaurant, so you can stay there both for aperitif) for dinner, trust me you wont regret it, before going wild in one of the most evocative discos on the coast, set in the rocks, from which it also takes its name: Music On the Rocks.


Sailing between Lemons and Sea: The Wonders of the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

While seaside tourism is the primary attraction of Sorrento, the city offers more than just sun, sea, and relaxation on the beach. For those who enjoy exploring urban areas, uncovering museums, historical monuments, and charming viewpoints, Sorrento is the perfect destination with a wealth of discoveries awaiting you.

To begin your journey, head to Piazza Tasso, situated near the sea, which serves as the city's focal point and a gathering spot for both adults and children. In the middle of the square stands a monument dedicated to the poet Tasso, alongside a statue of Saint Anthony. Moving on, explore Palazzo Correale, home to the Terranova family museum and its picturesque gardens.

The names Tasso and Correale have contributed significantly to shaping and transforming the Vallone dei Mulini, a valley that initially faced flooding but has since evolved to showcase unique vegetation that envelops its entirety.


Sorrento is a city with a lot of churches, given his history, between the main ones, even though they are all worth the visit, we have:

·      Cathedral of Saint Philip and James

·      The Sedile Dominova

·      The Basilica of Sant’Antonio

·      Church and Cloister of San Francesco


Church and Cloister of San Francesco, might look modern on the outside, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. This is indeed the case, since it is the oldest structure, date back in 1300. The styles present inside mix and vary from Gothic to Baroque. Its uniqueness is also represented by the cloister which is accessed via a door inside the church.


If your trip is based on sun and relax, you have found your match! There are beaches famous all over the world as: Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, Bagni della Regina Giovanna, worth the walk for the landscape and the presence of the nearby Roman Villa of Pollio Felice, and Pignatella beach, less touristic and where more locals for its privicy.


You have to try La Limonaia, this amazing restaurant, located near the center of Sorrento, built under lemon grove, where the keyword is… LEMON of course!


If you are lucky enough, both in summer and autumn, you can come across local festivals such as the Lemon Festival or the Aubergine Festival.


It is known that in Italy, the food is good everywhere, but it is even better in certain restaurants, as

·      La Corte degli Dei

·      Terrazza Vittoria,

·      Bistro Vittoria,

just to name a few.


Capri and the Blue Grotto: explore the magic.

The Greek colonization of Capri and the entire Campania has its origins in legend. It was not a homogeneous process, moreover the eastern side of the Gulf of Naples, were linked to the cult of mermaids, as per Sorrento, like we have already seen.


In Roman times, however, its great exploits were thanks to Augustus and Tiberius. during the Middle Ages it returned to be part of the Neapolitan state and then fell back into Spanish dominion. only in 1800 was the situation re-stabilised until 2000 with the union of the island from Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, thus becoming the Capri we know today.


Capri is a must. It is the step you don’t want to miss after booking a vacation on the Amalfi coast. Is the pearl of the area, an island with timeless charm! To see it at its best, we are certain it requires a full day to explore every corner. You need to follow this little guide to be sure to capture all its beauty.

As established by surveys, the perfect period to visit it, avoiding all the crowd, is spring, when the weather is the perfect mix between hot and fresh, the queues are not excessively long and the landscape is freer to take amazing photos that will serve as a souvenir of an indescribable holiday.


To begin with, start with a tour of the island to enter the Blu Grotto, most famous of the island itself!

After landing, go have a tour of “La Piazzetta”, how the Italians call every square in their own time, it is also everyone’s meeting point, to grab a coffee, or play a game of cards or to have a little chat. Keep walking until you find Via Camerelle, an uphill road that leads to one of the best view in Capri, facing the Faraglioni, where you can take a breathtaking photo. Go ahead and reach the Arco Naturale for more pictures and to be enchanted by the beauty of nature, original and not modified or ruined by human hands.


After all this walking surely hanger strikes! Ravioli Capresi is the signature dish of the island, filled with caciotta and Parmesan cheese and marjoram. Don’t forget the Caprese cake, with flour, almonds, nuts a cocoa powder, simple delicious with a side of vanilla ice cream!


Beside the view, Capri has amazing gardens that precede the chairlift to arrive in Anacapri. Lastly visit Villa San Michele and the Casa Rossa. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of walking and a lot of stairs, it will make you enjoy the landscape even more once you arrive.


During your stay, ask to the peasants of each village, following the steps of this guide, to tell you their favorite place and the reason why. You will have than a new point of view to see the same place under different eyes!