Things to know about Capri Island

Insiders picks for most breath taking sights, mouth-watering restaurants and how to organise your day:

Insiders picks for most breath taking sights, mouth-watering restaurants and how to organise your day: All you need to know about Capri Island for the perfect trip.

Capri Island, located in the bay of Naples, is most definitely a must see when planning your trip to Southern Italy. Known for it’s dramatic landscape, shopping, dining and most famously the "Blue Grotto" a dark cavern in which the sea glows electric blue, it really is no wonder why it’s such a hot spot for passing Yachts.

One important thing to know about Capri Island is that one day is certainly enough to see the island, there are of course a number of beautiful hotels if you’d like a little longer of your time there, but organising in advance and trusting your trip with an experienced Charter Yatch company you will be sure to see everything you want, without taking too much time away from the rest of your trip in the Amalfi Coast.

Opting for a full day private tour, with an estimated duration of 7 hours you will be able to visit to famous Blue grotto, the Grotta Bianca, Grotta Verde, Faraglioni and the Natural Arch. You can also have time exploring the Island on foot with a dock in Capri, giving you the opportunity to grab some lunch and have a wander of the beautiful streets.

If you do decide to include a dock in Capri, do be sure to visit Il Riccio. An exclusive beach club with a beautiful terrace, stairs to the sea, and exquisite seafood and Mediterranean menu available.

If you’d rather opt out of docking in Capri, be sure to check out one of our insiders picks for lunch instead, both reachable directly via sea with one of our yatchs, on request of course!

The Restaurant Lo Scoglio by Tommaso has been in the family for three generations dating back to 1958. A charming structure with beauty terraces overlooking the sea, with an array of typical local dishes and to top it all off it’s own private beach.

Another of our absolute favourites for lunch is La Fontalina this beautiful waterfront restaurant dates back to 1949, offering a spectacular view of the ‘Faraglioni’. The menu on offer including the best of the catch of the day and chef Mario’s daily specials is sure to leave you wanting more.

If you would rather organise your own tour we recommend arriving to the Island as early as possible, aim to arrive in Capri by 11am...this allows enough time to squeeze in all the sightseeing you will be doing!

Insiders picks for the perfect day trip to Capri Island

You can't say you've visited Capri if you haven't seen it from the sea. Admire the colors of the sea, the small bays and the splendid caves on board a private Yacht on a tour of the Island of Capri.

The unmissable passing under the Faraglioni arch: it is said that all couples who exchange a kiss under the arch will remain together forever.

After having passed by the Marina Piccola, a stretch particularly rich in caves begins, such as the White Grotto and Green Grotto rightfully named so due to the emerald colours. At this point you will get the first glimpse of the imposing profile of the Punta Carena lighthouse, the second largest in Italy.

After the lighthouse you return to the north side of the Island of Capri, the wildest and most uninhabited. Keep your eyes open and lookout for some wild goats living amongst the wild vegetation. It is on this side of the island that you will find the famous Blue Grotto.

The unforgettable ‘Grotta Azzurra’

Once onboard a small rowing boat the sailor will ask you to lie down on the bottom of the boat, anchoring the boat to the rock…and you are inside the Blue Grotto. A natural cave whose entrance is roughly two meters wide and only one meter high, it's no wonder you have to lay down to enter! A natural underwater window lets the sun rays in, which colors the cave with the most magnificent blue and silver reflections. It will seem as though you are suspended over the waters of the Blue Grotto, accompanied by the Neapolitan songs of the sailors. A magical and truly unforgettable atmosphere that easily explains why this is Capri's most famous attraction.

Anacapri and Monte Solaro: the highest part of the island, less glamorous where you can breathe the true essence of Capri

After visiting the blue grotto, experience the thrill of a ride in one of Capri's typical convertible taxis to reach Anacapri. Small artisan shops, flower filled squares and completely pedestrian stone alleys: this and much more is what awaits in Anacapri.

Your island tour still has so much to offer you: one of the most incredible views of Capri. From Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, take a ride on the traditional chairlift. In just 12 minutes you reach Monte Solaro, the highest point of the island. From which you can enjoy an infinite view, the whole island of Capri, the famous Vesuvius, the Gulf of Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula. In the far distance the mountains of Calabria, the Apennines and the Amalfi Coast with the islets of the Gauls.

Villa San Michele: the Mediterranean dream of Swedish Author/physician.

At this point in your trip you have the chance to take a break and grab a snack on the go while you continue on your itinerary with a stop to the beautiful Villa San Michele.

Villa San Michele is the life’s work of physician/author Axel Munthe, built j the 20th century it is now home to an extremely important art collection, the majority of which is of Roman, Etruscan or Egyptian origin. Complete with a beautiful panoramic garden and open to the public ibis definitely worth the visit!

La Piazzetta: the most glamorous part of Capri Island

Take a bus and make your way back down to Capri, once arrived in the Piazzetta take a seat at one of the many bars, and enjoy a well deserved coffee or glass of wine after a long morning of sightseeing.

After a break in the beautiful Piazzetta, take a walk around the characteristic Via Camerelle, the main luxury shopping street with a wide range of beautiful stores to take in. At the end of this street, continue onto Via Tragara until you finally reach the spectacular view of the Faraglioni, the perfect opportunity to take some beautiful scenic photos!

Once you’ve finished taking in the sights and snapping the perfect pictures, go back the way you came along Via Tragara, until you make your way back to the Piazzetta. From here make your way back down to the port where your luxury Yatch awaits to set sail from the Island.

When back on board there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sea, take a refreshing dip in the ocean, or just lay back, relax and enjoy the view

We really hope this guide is useful for you, whether you decide to plan your trip around Capri Island alone, or whether you’d rather trust your trip with our experienced Charter Yatch company. One thing to definitely bare in mind if you do decide to go alone is that this itinerary can be extremely tiring, especially in the hottest months of July and August, in which time we would recommend cutting the itinerary down and making the most of your time on island by the beach or in the water!