Top 5 things to do in Amalfi Coast

The perfect guide for travelling the Amalfi Coast like a pro

The perfect guide for travelling the Amalfi Coast like a pro; when to visit, how to get around, what not to miss and an inside scoop on our 5 top things to do in Amalfi Coast!

Holding the title as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the dramatic cliffs and turquoise seas have been attracting people to the Amalfi Coast for millennia. The mild climate and unmistakable architecture have made it one of the most sought after destinations for holiday goers in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Mountains dotted with beautifully colourful houses line the seafront, where crystal clear waters await, an abundance of Churches and historical landmarks make up the unforgettable Amalfi Coast, with it’s winding mountain road connecting the 13 towns, it really is somewhere to tick off your bucket list!

Why visit the Amalfi coast

The food, the mild Mediterranean climate, picturesque seaside towns and historical legacy...if it’s the dolce vita you are looking for, then you have found it.

The main reason most holiday goers find themselves in Amalfi is for the beautiful views, it truly is the perfect place to wander around. Often spoken about as one place, the Amalfi coast and the towns within it are actually very diverse, with each one bringing it’s own charm and character to the table. Whether it’s hiking, swimming and sailing, or shopping sunbathing and a spritz your looking for, there really is something for everyone.

Historically the Amalfi coast as we know it today looked very different, with the construction of the terraced landscape not beginning until the 12th and 13th century, created originally by monasteries.

The town of Amalfi itself dates back to the medieval times in which it embraced great success as one of the major Mediterranean trade routes. It’s thanks to this great success that even today we can still admire the breath taking architecture and landmarks once built.

Top 5 things to do in the Amalfi Coast

Now that you’ve settled on your trip to the Amalfi Coast, I’m sure your already planning your days in this beautiful, historical part of Southern Italy. Here we have included our absolute top 5 things to do in the Amalfi Coast

  1. It wouldn’t be a trip to Italy without an Aperitivo and the San Pietro of Positano is the perfect place to indulge yourself. Immersed in nature, this luxury hotel boasts itself some of the most spectacular views of the coast and offers exceptional service. If you’d like a little more than just an Aperitivo it is also a beautiful place to stay, La Bellavita Charter can arrange any boat tours you may wish for and pick you up from Hotels beach.
  2. If travelling as a family or with children than a visit to Ai Laik It located in Minori is the perfect place to get the whole family emerged into to local ceramic culture. Here you will find not only immersive ceramic making classes, but also great food and drinks on offer to.
  3. After a long day exploring the sights of the Amalfi coast a relaxing drink is often the perfect way to end the day, whether it’s a special occasion or just a holiday treat then the Masaniello Art café of Amalfi should definitely be on your list. A trendy cocktail bar, offering great drinks and good times.
  4. When in Italy it’s only right to indulge yourselves in the world renowned cuisine, this next place is the Casa Mandina Restaurant in Maiori. A contemporary restaurant offering traditional dishes with a new age spin, opened in 2019 by two young brothers.
  5. Not only is the Amalfi Coast famous for its striking seafood, it also has an abundance of sweet treats to taste to. Nowhere better to tame your sweet tooth than Pansa in Amalfi a historical Pasticceria dating back to 1830, they have all the traditional dolce your heart could wish for.

When to visit the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is beautiful all year round, but April-June is undoubtedly the best time for your trip. The weather is warm enough to see all sights, whether that be by sea or land. The spring flowers have sprung and there is a new sense of warmth in the air, without the hustle and bustle from the crowds of the high season.

If however you love nightlife and festivals and are looking to join the fun, then July and August are definitely the months for you. These are the months in which most of the local events take place. Do remember that even even if you are planning to visit during the busiest months, you can still enjoy the coast in peace with one of our charter boats.

September is also a great time to visit the Amalfi coast, the weather is still pleasantly warm and many of the tourists have already left.

The winter months, running from November until Easter are by far the quietest of the year. The towns empty almost completely and along with this lots of the cafés, bars and restaurants close for a much needed break. The coastline has an even more dramatic look to it in these months with the wet weather and waves crashing against the cliff side homes.

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

There are many ways to reach the Amalfi Coast, by car, train and of course plane.

The airport in Naples is the closest if flying in directly, or if your travelling from another destination in Italy then you can reach Salerno. One of Italy’s railway stations with many fast-speed trains arriving from most major cities, from Salerno you can hop on a local train that takes you to Vietri Sul Mare, one of the 13 towns located in the Amalfi Coast (approximate 10 minute train journey).

If your arriving directly in Naples you can rent a car and make the journey yourselves from there, the Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s most famous road trips and ttravellin along it truly is an unforgettable experience.

A word of advice: if you do decide on renting a car and making the journey yourself, do be mindful that the roads of the Amalfi Coast can be extremely narrow, full of twists and turns with it’s many curves that you are often time required to reverse around. This is especially true during the high summer season and even more so on weekends!

If like me you’d rather sit back and enjoy the journey, I’d arrange private transfers ahead of time. Our experienced drivers are more than accustomed to the winding roads and will be sure your arrival is stress free, whether that be from Naples, Salerno or any other city you find yourself in!

Once you’ve arrived in the Amalfi Coast, again there are many ways you can travel to the various towns and sights, car, bus, boat and private transfer. My personal favourite is most definitely by boat, sit back and relax and take in the scenery without the hustle and bustle of the roads.

Whatever way you decide to travel, make sure to plan and book well in advance of your trip!

Where to stay in the Amalfi Coast

We promised to give you the inside scoop on your trip to the Amalfi Coast and we plan on sticking to or word! Most places will tell you that Positano is the best place to base your trip, but we think otherwise.

A short 15 minute drive from the busy Positano you will find the picturesque town of Praiano, with it’s 2000 residents, beautiful villas drenched in colour and quaint mountain top streets, it really is the perfect place to base your trip to Amalfi.

Although Praiano is a small town and still relatively unknown to many tourists, there an abundance of things to do. Whether that be relaxing on one of it’s crystalline beaches, wandering the flower filled streets or taking in some of the historical sights I am certain you will love it.

We highly recommend SMAAC – Smart Accommodations Amalfi Coast with their wide range of holiday rentals, homes, farmhouses and villas and apartments on the Amalfi Coast. The perfect choice for all your accommodation needs, whatever it is your looking for.

They offer a tailored service throughout the booking process and for the duration of your stay. They can help with all aspects of your trip from organising taxi’s, boat tours, wine tasting and a whole range of other experiences to incorporate into your trip. We also love the self check-in aspect they offer, allowing for privacy and complete relaxation during your trip.

Don’t forget to mention our top 5 things to do in the Amalfi Coast when booking your holiday with them, I’m certain they can make all your plans come to life!

Top 4 things to do in Praiano

This peaceful town has a long history, and remnants of the past can still be seen with towers and castles that once stood still visible and possible to visit. The top 4 things to do in Praiano are:

  • The piazza of Praiano much like most towns in the South of Italy, is the heart of the town and is enjoyed by young and old alike. Hosting an array of sports events, concerts and festivals all year round. It truly comes to life in the summer when it hosts the Luminaria di San Domenico festival, celebrated every year from the 1-4 August the entire piazza is lit up with thousands of candles.
  • The Church of San Gennaro stands grandly in place as the only building of baroque architecture in the Amalfi coast. Surviving several rebuilds and renovations over the centuries it’s beauty is visible even prior to entering, with is intricately hand painted Majolica tiles completely covering the dome and the splendour of it’s terracotta tiled floor.
  • Il Pirata restaurant, lounge bar and beach club situated beautifully between the land and sea, is truly the perfect place to taste the exquisite seafood and flavours of the Amalfi Coast, from traditional dishes to new age cuisine there is something on the menu for everyone. The lounge bar is the heart of the venue, carved into the rocks it’s a spectacular place to enjoy a glass of red wine in complete serenity. Boasting itself to a breath taking terrace situated on the beach of Praiano, Marina di Praia it’s the hotspot of Praiano and the ideal location to soak in the sun and take a dip in the clear blue waters.
  • Torre a Mare once a medieval guard tower, situated high up above the Marina di Praia beach. It’s original use was to keep watch against Saracen invaders, it is now used as an art studio. Giving you the perfect glimpse into the local art and culture of Praiano and offering spectacular views over the sea. Artist Paolo Sandulli exhibits an array of work here, from paintings to beautiful terracotta sculptures!