A family history

It was 1970 when the shipwright Pasquale Ferrara was already designing and building boats. That history of more than half a century continues today thanks to the work of his son Francesco who, with exceptional skills, leads the FPJ company's shipyard where the boats, used for trips along the Amalfi Coast are studied, designed and built. The growth of La Bellavita Charter has been continuous: from small group trips to a wide variety of luxury private tours. Looking after tourists’ needs when visiting the coast, the specialized team of skippers, who know every detail of the boats they use, has ensured a personalized and unique offer.

Boats designing for unforgettable journeys

How the fleet was born

Combining the art of carpentry with the love for the sea and the eternal beauty of the Amalfi Coast, FPJ designs La Bellavita fleet to provide exclusive access to the wonders of coastal bays. The fleet includes luxury motorboats and restyled Amalfi fishing boats (gozzo), with a team of highly qualified skippers which contribute to the restoration and the refinement of the boats during the winter.

Fun, safety, and love for our territory

Choosing La Bellavita Charter means choosing a unique experience, not just a service. It is possible to immerse yourself in the Amalfi Coast and deeply understand the strong bond the company has always cultivated with the territory and the sea. Not only a service, but a luxury and personalized experience that cares about the needs and interests of the customers. An ambitious group that loves challenges and wants to preserve its history. Our expertise about the sea, our hospitality and empathy on board are the right ingredients for a mix of fun, safety and care for the territory.