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FPJ Shipyard

Bellavita Charter represents the culmination of Francesco's deep-seated connection to the sea.

This bond was first fostered in 1970 when his parents established a modest shipyard on the Amalfi Coast.


There, his father focused on building and repairing wooden boats, while his mother pioneered the creation of small fiberglass hulls, a novel concept in the region at the time. As the years progressed, their shipyard emerged as a prominent fixture along the Coast. Young Francesco grew up amidst spears, hulls, and engines, nurturing his burgeoning passion for maritime craftsmanship.


Francesco's journey, encompassing years of dedicated study and hands-on experience, led to the founding of his shipyard, FPJ Srl, in 2019. He poured his heart and soul into this venture, striking a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

Today, FPJ Srl is a testament to this dedication, specializing in crafting fiberglass gozzos and refurbishing motorboats.


The shipyard is poised to unveil a groundbreaking new boat model meticulously developed by Francesco over two years. This vessel embodies the pinnacle of FPJ Srl's innovation, research, and expertise.

Shortly the shipyard will launch a new boat whose model Francesco has been working on for 2 years, the result of research, study and experience. 


Here you can discover a small preview of the most challenging project of FPJ Srl: "The Only One"

“The Only One” technical sheet 

Walk Around motorboat in fiberglass 

Length: 12.40 m 

Width: 4.00 m 

Engines: FPT 570 HP 

Speed: 62 knots

Contact us via email at to schedule a call and gain further insights into our shipping options, delivery details, and additional information.

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